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2024 Spring Registration


Registration for 2024 Season is now closed. (Except for Challenger Division) To register for Challenger division please click on the registration link below.


To be eligible to play with Little Mountain Baseball, the participant must meet two requirements.

  1. Age requirement.  The player must have a "baseball age" between 4 and 12 years old.  Please note that "baseball age" may differ from calendar age.  You can consult this chart to determine your child's baseball age.  If your child is too old to play Little League, they can continue playing with either Vancouver Community Baseball or Vancouver Minor Baseball (LMB's catchment overlaps both of those organizations).  Please refer to the websites of those associations for further information.
  2. Geographical requirement.  The child's primary residence OR the school they attend must be in Little Mountain Baseball's catchment.  All Little Leagues are required to enforce this policy as it promotes fairness and helps ensure all leagues remain viable and healthy.  Please use the league finder link to determine if your child resides or attends in LMB's catchment area.

Little League Canada has divided Canada up into Leagues with clearly defined boundaries. In our District (District 1), there are four Little Leagues: Little Mountain, Kerrisdale, Dunbar, and Jericho.

If your player wants to play the competitive All Stars tournaments (9/10 or 11/12) or Selects tournaments that take place each year following the regular season, they must play for their home league in the regular season. It can be very disappointing for a child and their family to discover they aren't eligible for All Stars/Selects when they reach the age of 9 or 10 because they have been playing out of boundary. 

Links to the other District 1 Little Leagues:

Dunbar Little League

Jericho Little League

Kerrisdale Little League

Volunteering at LMB

Did you know that Little Mountain Baseball (LMB) is the oldest and largest Little League in Canada with 850 players? Did you also know that we are run by the collective volunteer efforts of our members? Without the contributions of the LMB community we could not exist. For this reason, as part of the registration process you will be asked to identify how you plan to volunteer for the 2024 season. Please take a minute to review our volunteer roles before you begin your registration. Click HERE forthe Volunteer Roles this year. We really hope you can find a volunteer role that aligns with your interests and availability.

Which Division to Register Your Player

Little league divisions are organized by “baseball age”, which is based on a calendar starting in September. You can find your child's baseball age HERE. Based on your player’s baseball age you can register in the following divisions. Some ages span across more than on division, so please consult the division pages HERE to determine the appropriate level for your player. For Mini Minor A, Minors and Majors divisions, players may be moved across divisions based on assessments. This is to ensure that players are playing in the correct division for their ability and safety: 

Challenger baseball age 4-18

Blastball– baseball age 4-5

TBall – baseball age 5-6

MIni Minor B– baseball age 6-7

Please note: If your player would like to play in Mini Minor A, they will need to be assessed. Please consult the division page HERE for more information.

Mini Minor A– baseball age 7-8

Minors – baseball age 9-10

Majors B – baseball age 9-12

Please note: This level is mostly for baseball age 10-11, however players who are baseball age 12 are permitted to play if they wish, and players who are baseball 9 may be drafted onto a Majors B team if their assessment scores are high enough and there is room. Please consult the division page HERE for more information.

Majors A – baseball age 10-12.

Please note: Most of the players in this division are baseball age 11 or 12, however a few players aged baseball age 10 may be drafted on teams if their assessment scores are high enough and there is room. Please consult the division page HERE for more information.

For Mini Minor A, Minors and Majors divisions, pre-season assessments are required to ensure teams are competitively balanced as possible and players are playing in the correct division for their ability.

Assessment Schedule (subject to change)

  • Jan 27 & 28 from 8am to 1pm (Majors)
  • Feb 3 & 4th from 8am to 1pm (Minors, MMA)

Payment is required at the time of registration. LMB encourages the participation of all players. If the registration fees are a barrier for your player to participate, please consult our FAQs to learn about our financial support options, or contact the Registrar at to discuss options for assistance.

Spring 2024 Registration Fees


Age range

Registration Fee







Mini-Minor B



Mini-Minor A






Majors B



Majors A



Payment Policy

Payment Policy 

Payment may be made by credit card only.  If you wish to pay by cheque or cash please contact the Registrar for further instructions.  All payments are to be made in Canadian dollars.

All players must be registered to attend assessments (where applicable).  Your child will not be placed on a team until registration is complete.  Registration is not considered complete until payment is received in full or an email regarding application for assistance has been sent to the Registrar.

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds after the first assessment for Majors A, Majors B, Minors or Mini Minor A.  Withdrawals prior to the first assessment date are subject to a $25 administration charge.  This covers the online service fees associated with registration/refund.

There will be no refunds for Mini Minor B, Tball or Blastball after March 1st.  Withdrawals prior to this date are subject to a $15 administration charge.  This covers the online service fess associated with registration/refund.

Refunds for medical reasons will be pro-rated (less a $15 or$25 (depending on the division) administration charge) based on when the illness/injury occurred within the season. A medical note will be required. 

Requests for refunds must be made  via email to the Registrar.  Refunds will only be issued to the original credit card used at registration. Should the initial Credit Card be invalid an e-transfer or cheque will be issued to the original purchaser.