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Frequently Asked Questions


Please note that LMB is run entirely by volunteers. We do our best to reply to inquiries quickly and keep this website current with as much information as possible. If you have any questions, email .


Frequently Asked Questions (registration)

Who can play at Little Mountain Baseball Little League?

All children with baseball ages 4-12, who live or attend school in Little Mountain's catchment are eligible to play with us.

What are the Little Mountain Baseball boundaries?

Please click on this Google Map link to view the Little Mountain Baseball boundaries.

What is baseball age?

A player's Little League age ("baseball age") is based on the child's age on August 31 of the calendar year.   You can also refer to this chart to determine your child's baseball age.

My child is x years old, but it appears there are at least two divisions he could be registered in.  How do I decide which one to pick?

In baseball, unlike hockey and soccer, we allow children to be moved up (or down) divisions based on their ability and attitude.  For example, a baseball 7-year-old  would usually play at the Mini-Minor B or Mini-Minor A level.

If the player is new to baseball, we usually recommend that they register for the lower division in their age group (i.e. register a baseball  7-year old who is new to baseball in the Mini-Minor B division instead of Mini-Minor A).  If they are a returning player, please contact the division coordinator or ask your coach from the previous year for advice on how best to register.   

Please note that for Mini Minor A, Minor and higher divisions, players are required to attend pre-season assessments in late January or February.  These assessments play a significant role in deciding which division to place the player.  The age of the player and possibly an evaluation from the coach of the player from the prior would also be considered.

Following assessments and  consultation with the assessors, previous coaches, the Division Coordinator and/or Player Agent, a player who registered in one division may be assigned or drafted to play on a team in a lower division than he/she registered in.  This is done without the consultation of the player.  We don't do this lightly and we ask that you prepare your child for that possibility.  Our intention is to place players in the position where they will be have the most success on the field.

There are some exceptions to this policy:

  • The same player will never be kept in the same division for 3 consecutive years (unless this is the preference of the parents).
  • We would not put a baseball 8 in T-Ball, a baseball 9 in Mini Minor B, or a baseball 10-year old in Mini-Minor A without the consent of the player's parents 
  • By Little League rule, 12-year-olds must be permitted to play on a Majors A team if they wish.  The Player Agent will be in contact with families of 12 year olds who may benefit from player in Majors B.

There are also occasional situations when we feel it may be in the player's (or league's) best interests to play in a division above the one they registered for.  In such cases, the Player Agent will contact the player to request permission to move him or her the higher division.

If you still have questions,  please contact the division coordinator of the higher division you're thinking about registering for. 

Do you accept friend requests?

For Blastball, T-Ball and both Mini Minor B divisions, we try to accommodate one friend request.  For MMA,  Minors, Majors B, and Majors A, we cannot accept friend requests (for siblings, please read the note below).

Can you place siblings playing in the same division on the same team?

We can guarantee that siblings living at the same address will  be placed on the same team, even in the divisions where the teams are formed by a drafting process.  Please email the registrar before your assessment date to advise.

Frequently Asked Questions (non-registration)

Do I need to volunteer?

Yes please!  Little League is a volunteer community organization. All LMB families are required to do a league job (team manager/coach/opening day/photo day/field maintenance etc.) in addition to regular team duties (i.e. field preparation, snack, scoring, etc.).  View Volunteer Position Here.

How are the teams formed?

In Blastball, T-Ball, Mini-Minor B, the teams are created by the division coordinator and rosters are sent to the head coaches about 7-10 days before Opening Day.

In the MMA, Minors, Majors B, and Majors A divisions, the teams are forms by a draft process.  After the assessment scores are compiled, the scores for all the players are distributed to the head coaches.  In February, the coaches meet at a common location and select their teams.  All teams from the previous year are dissolved and re-drafted from scratch.  Shortly after the draft takes place you should be contacted by your head coach or the division coordinator to inform you what team you are on for the upcoming season.

What are player evaluations or assessments?

Players registering in Mini Minor A, Minors, Majors B or Majors A are required to attend assessments. No evaluation process is applicable for Blastball, T-Ball, Mini Minor B divisions or Challenger

The assessment process has three primary goals:

  1. To place players in the appropriate division based on skill, emotional level and safety considerations
  2. To facilitate the drafting of teams in Minors, Majors B and Majors A
  3. To assist in the formation of evenly skilled teams in Mini Minor A.

Please note that registering in one division does not guarantee placement in that division.  Players seeking to register in a division that requires assessments that do not attend assessments may not be placed in the division that they are registered for.  Thank you for your understanding.

When will we receive team notifications from our coach?

Majors and Minors coaches will contact their team members likely by the end of February once teams have been finalized. Blastball, T-Ball, MMB and MMA team will be notified in April (sooner if possible) prior to Opening Day. 

How long is the Little League season?

Teams may start practicing as soon as teams have been formed (as early as early March for Major A) and contacted by their coaches. Major A will have their in house tournament first weekend of April while Major B will have their in house 2nd weekend of April. Closing Day and last games are played in mid-June. Playoffs start at the end of May for Minors, Majors B and Majors A. Playoffs start early June for Mini Minor A. Post season teams (All-star and Selects ) are formed mid-June and play into the summer - dates vary according to age group. 

When will game schedules be available?

Once registration is completed and assessments have taken place, drafts occur for Majors A, Majors B and Minors.  Mini Minor A, Mini Minor B, T-Ball and Blastball teams are formed by the division coordinator.  Once team placement/formation is completed, game schedules are created.  Schedules will be posted on the web site as they are completed, about one week before Opening Day. Interlock portions of the Major schedules may take longer. Games will not start prior to Opening Day for Blastball, T-Ball and the Mini Minor divisions.  Games may start in early April for Minors, Majors B and Majors A.

Can I request a particular practice day or time?

Practice times are set by team coaches and division coordinators.  We cannot accept requests for a practice days or times from non-coaching parents.  LMB's expectation is that you will make baseball your primary non-school activity for April, May, and June and if you have other activities, work them around your baseball game and practice schedule. 

Where do I find the rules?

Rules for Majors A, Majors B, Minors, Mini Minor A and Mini Minor B can be found here.

Where can I buy equipment?

Equipment can be purchased at various sporting goods stores.  Abbie's Sports Shop at 4774 Main Street, Vancouver, BC 604-874-6910 offers 10% off to LMB players.

What are "Interlock Games"?

These are additional games for Majors A and Majors B divisions, that are played during the regular season. These games do not count towards LMB house league standings. Interlock games are played within District 1 which includes Dunbar, Jericho, Kerrisdale and Little Mountain.

Can my child be an umpire?

Yes. Players can umpire any division below the one they play in.  Umpires are needed in Mini Minor A playoffs, Minors, Majors B and Majors A.  Please consult the umpires page for more information.

Do you need coaches?

Yes please!  Especially at the younger levels.  Any member of the community is welcome to submit a coaching application regardless of whether you have children playing at LMB or not.  Coaches will also need to obtain a Criminal Record Check and the online Respect in Sport program.  Please contact for more information.

Coaches for BlastBall, T-Ball and Mini Minor B will be contacted by the division coordinator beginning in February to confirm their desire to coach and to schedule practices around the availability of the head coach.

Coaches for Mini-Minor A and higher may be contacted prior to assessments and invited to help out.

Is there an opportunity to sponsor a team?

Yes, for teams in Majors A, Majors B, Minors, Mini Minor A.  Please contact the Sponsorship Coordinator for details.

During the season, I have a problem and need help resolving it.  Who should I turn to?

This depends on the nature of the problem.  In most cases you should first discuss the situation with the head coach of your child's team.  Please pick a time when the coach doesn't have responsibilities to the team.  Often right after a game or practice is the best time.  If that doesn't work for the coach, he or she should have no problem making time to discuss the situation with you.

If the problem is with the coach or remains unresolved after speaking with the coach, (for example you see the coach berating a player and feel it should be reported), you should contact the Player Agent for LMB.  The Player Agent is a member of the Board Executive and is not affiliated with a team.  The Player Agent has several important roles, among them is the responsibility to ensure the League is always acting in the best interests of the players.  If there is a complaint that the coach cannot resolve, the Player Agent has a duty to investigate the complaint and ensure the issue receives a fair hearing.

Who can I contact if I want to use your batting cage?

For reasons of liability, we do not permit individuals or organizations to use LMB batting cages.  We recommend contacting the UBC Indoor Training Centre (at UBC), The Ballyard (in Richmond), or the Richmond Olympic Oval (also in Richmond) if you're interested in getting into a batting cage.

In order to ensure access to supports, Little Mountain Baseball has partnered with KidSport, Athletics for Kids, and Jump Start to ensure families whom are financially stretched  can still access the sports their child(ren) love. We encourage you to reach out to the following programs 

What if I need some financial assistance for registration Fee?


Athletics for Kids (A4K)

As a privately funded charity, Athletics for Kids  is able to disperse funds into the hands of those who need it most, quickly and effectively. They help families with children ages 5 to 18 who are currently enrolled in school and basic registration fees are paid for a multitude of approved sports, including baseball, up to an annual maximum.

A4K Apply Here!


KidSport Vancouver

With their partnership with LMB,  KidSport will manage applications to ensure families can have access to sports such as baseball. KidSport offers grants for kids who live in Vancouver.

KidSport Apply Here!


Canadian Tire Jump Start 

Jumpstart is a National Charity with a commitment to local communities. Canadian Tire Corporation is Jumpstart’s biggest supporter as it funds all the general administrative expenses of Jumpstart, which means 100% of customer donations go directly to help kids in need and they make sure that money raised stays where it is donated. 

Jump Start Apply Here!

What is your mailing address?

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