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Mini-Minor A


If you have any questions about this division, please contact the registrar.

About this division

For baseball ages 7 - 8 year olds (Little League Age Chart)

This division is a progression from Mini-Minor B to a more competitive level of baseball.  Level 5 balls continue to be used to reduce the risk of injury to the players.

There are several changes to the rules from Mini-Minor B:

  • players are assessed for skill and the division coordinator will do their best to make competitively balanced teams.  
  • the pitching machine is set to a higher velocity
  • the batting tee is no longer provided so players can "strike out".  Note:  this rule is frequently waived for the first few weeks of the season until the players get accustomed to the higher pitching speed.
  • We no longer bat through the order each inning.  An inning ends when 3 outs are recorded by the defense or max runs are scored by the offense. 
  • We introduce score keeping and division standings at this level.   Standings are maintained.  At the end of the regular season, there is a single-elimination playoff. 

Players registered for Mini-Minor A will be required to attend assessments.  We will provide further details when finalized.  Assessments are to ensure the teams are as competitively balanced as possible and to ensure the players are playing in the correct division for their ability.

In some cases, the Division Coordinator may place a player in the Mini-Minor B division who registered for Mini-Minor A.  This is done with the intention to place each child in a situation where they can have fun and develop their skills. 

If your child is a baseball age 6 and would like to play Mini-Minor A, please contact the Registrar to make arrangements to attend the Mini Minor A assessments. Your child will be assessed and moved to Mini Minor A only if their assessment scores are high enough and if space permits.

Player Commitment

Teams will have one practice (1-1.25 hour) and 1 game (2 hour total time from setup to teardown).   There may be additional batting practice times, depending on cage availability and coach interest.


Parent Commitment

Mini Minor is NOT a drop-off activity. An adult must stay at the park for the duration of each session. Parents will be placed on a rotational schedule to help with duties such as field prep (practices and games), keeping the players in line on the bench, snack duty and Riley Park concession duty. Parents are also expected to volunteer for a League based role.

Mini Minor A Field Location

Practices will be a 1.25 hour time slot held between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm Monday to Friday at Riley Park (50 E 30th Avenue), Columbia Park (5908 Albert Street). Practice days/times are set by team coaches and division co-ordinators.  We cannot accept requests for a practice days or times from non-coaching parents.  

Games are held primarily on Sundays at Riley Park with a few games on Saturdays at Columbia Park.  There may be weekends with games on both Saturday and Sunday.   Games typically last 1¼ to 1½ hours and can be scheduled anytime between 9am and 5pm.

Required Equipment

  • Batting helmet
  • Baseball glove
  • Athletic jock/jill
  • Cleated shoes are recommended (baseball or soccer)