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Challenger Program

Little Mountain Challenger Division

Proud to be one of the most established Challenger Programs in Canada, Little Mountain Baseball has been supporting Challenger baseball for over 20 years. As one of only two Challenger Divisions in Vancouver, Little Mountain provides an adapted baseball experience for kids ages 8-18 and welcomes players from all over Vancouver. 


Our objectives are:

To provide an opportunity for children and youth with cognitive or physical disabilities to enjoy the benefits of playing baseball.

To educate the community that children with cognitive or physical disabilities can play organized baseball, just like their peers.

To help the youth in the community give back to society through volunteering in the Challenger program as “Buddies”.

What Is Challenger Baseball?

Challenger Baseball is a division of Baseball BC that provides an opportunity for children with cognitive or physical disabilities to enjoy the full benefits of participation in baseball at a level structured to their abilities.

Baseball games are played in a fun, safe environment where no score is kept. Able-bodied “Buddies” are assigned (one on one, where possible) to each participant. These Buddies assist the
Challenger Baseball players with their involvement in the game. Pushing wheelchairs around the base path, assisting players in how to hold the bat and swing, or providing protection for the Challenger Baseball player from a batted ball, are just a few of the ways the Buddies offer a better experience for the participants in Challenger Baseball. 

Each participant is treated like every other player in the conventional baseball program. All players are outfitted in uniforms, use the same equipment, and play their games at the local baseball parks. A team picture is a must for Challenger Baseball, as it is in the other divisions.

Last but not least, the smiles are plentiful and free! The joy on the face of each participant in Challenger Baseball makes it very clear how much fun they are having. No pressures, no playing time issues, everyone just has fun! It's what baseball is supposed to
be all about.

Volunteer with Challenger Baseball - Be a Buddy

Be a Buddy!

In Challenger Baseball, "buddies” provide the most important function for the players: creating a safe environment. They also provide a mentoring role, helping their partners with catching, throwing, batting and getting around the bases. This relationship is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved: Challenger players enjoy the thrill of participation, and their buddies experience first-hand the challenges these individuals face in their daily lives. This is a great opportunity for service hours for students, as well.

We are always looking for motivated, volunteer driven, youth leaders in our community to become Buddies once a week (Sundays 11-1pm). If that fits your vision, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible. Please contact our Challenger Program coordinator, Kimberly MacAulay, for more information.

Your participation will be greatly appreciated!