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Majors B


If you have any questions about this division, please send an email to the Registrar, Ulysses Yan.

About this division

For baseball ages 9 - 12 year olds (DOB September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2013)

Players are rotated through infield and outfield position at the discretion of the head coach.  Scores are kept, standings maintained and there are playoffs.  Umpires are provided by the league. 

All players registered in this division are required to attend pre-season assessments.  We cannot guarantee that non-attendees will be placed in the division they are registered for.

For players who wish to play in MINORS, MAJORS B OR MAJORS A assessments are required and the schedule will be announced shortly.

Most of the players in this division are baseball aged 10 or 11, however baseball age 12 year olds are permitted to play if they wish and baseball 9 year olds may be drafted onto a Majors B team if their assessment scores are high enough.   Baseball age 12 year olds are not eligible to pitch in this division.   Players in this division have usually played at least one year of player-pitched baseball but new players are welcome at all levels.

Players that are baseball 9 or 10 who registered for Majors B but are not drafted onto a Majors B team will  be drafted onto a team in the Minors division.  This is done with the intention to place each child in a situation where they can have fun and develop their skills.  

Players who are recommended by their coach may have the opportunity to be "called up" to play Majors A games if the Majors A game is not on the same day as the player's own team game.  

Player Commitment

Teams will have 1½-hour fielding practice and one 1-hour batting practice each week.  These practices are usually on different weekday evenings.  There may be additional batting practice times, depending on cage availability and coach interest.

One or two games per week.  Games typically last 2 to 2½ hours and players are usually expected to arrive 1 hour before the game for warmup activities.  Most games will be against other Little Mountain teams but there may be interlocking games against other Little League teams. 

Between games and practices, players can expect to play ball three to four times a week at a minimum.  

Scores are kept, standings maintained and there is a double-elimination playoff at the end  of the season to determine a Division champion.

There are often tournament opportunities for Majors B teams, including a LMB sponsored in season tournament when scheduling permits.

Team rosters will normally consist of 12 players.  Teams are selected by a draft process.  Friend requests are not accepted at this level for this reason.  Siblings living at the same address who assess to play in the same division are permitted to play on the same team by sending a written request to the Registrar.  

Parent Commitment

Parents will be placed on a rotational schedule to help with duties such as field prep (practices and games), score-keeping, pitch-counting, score-board, announcing and concession duty.  

Majors B Field Location

Most games and practices will take place at the Hillcrest Main Diamond and at Oak Park  (900 W. 59th Avenue -diamonds located at the 60th Street  and Fremlin Street and at 62nd and Fremlin).   Interlocking games may take place at other Little League  diamonds.

Required Equipment

  • Batting helmet
  • Baseball glove
  • Grey baseball pants
  • Athletic jock/jill
  • Cleated shoes